Exam Simulation

This applet simulates the environment of the Java Programmer Certification Exam as administered by Sylvan Prometric. The questions are based on the Java 1.1 exam objectives document as published by Sun .
The applet will randomly choose 40 questions out of a 64 question database covering 30 topics. After the last question the test will be graded. From the grade display you can review the questions and click on each answer option to see the author's comments.

Note that questions which may have multiple correct answers show square checkboxes. The number of options which are correct can vary from 1 to all.
Note: I have added more question to original database of Exam Simulator.
If the applet doesnt work behind a firwall, you should change Netscape security preference. With MSIE 4.5 I haven't encounterd any problem.

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