There are many ways to earn money from your site.
Here are three of the best:
 Affiliate Programs
   These easy-to-use programs are the quickest way to get   started.
            Internet Marketing
                                 Earn recurring  revenues from each person you refer to
                                 them who buy a product.
           Virtualis Web Site Hosting
                                 Earn recurring  revenues from each person you refer to
                                 them who signs   up for hosting services.
           Advanced Internet Solutions
                                 Offers many affiliate programs under one roof that you
                                 can resell to your site's visitors, including internet
                                 marketing courses, electronic marketing business kits,
                                 merchant services, and credit card processing services.
 Selling Banners
             If you've got 25,000+ page views per month then you
             should consider selling banners to targeted advertisers.
            We have all heard about getting paid for seeing banner advertisements.
            If you have an existing site, a great way to increase traffic is to place
            your  banner  on our website, ...
 Email Marketing
              Every site should have an opt-in email list. Here's how to
               get started and what to do with it once you get it going.
               Opt-in email (that is, where people request to be on your list) is
               a gold mine. Not only will your periodic emails bring repeat
               traffic back to your site, but once your email list is big enough
               you can sell sponsorships and earn revenue as well. Email has it
               all: increased site traffic and increased ad revenue.

There are many ways to earn money without  your site.

We have all heard about getting paid for receiving e-mails.  An excellent idea .. but only the beginning.

At, users are getting between 20 cents to 1 USD for each pop up ad they view. This means that the hourly compensation is never less than $20/hour and can easily go over  $100/hour. You get paid for the time it takes to view the advertisement and while the buttons on  the AdVision are disabled.

Web Advertising Brokers
    An ad broker is a middleman between advertisers and page providers. They do the gruntwork of selling ads to the    advertisers, letting the page providers concentrate on providing their content. Ideally, page providers just put the ad    reference on their page, maintain and develop their site as usual, and cash a check once a month.